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Geometric Line Designs

Geometric line designs, which are useful in constructing the complex geometrical figures. ‘Geometry’ means a study of properties of figures and shapes and the relationship between them. Geometry is the important part in mathematics by using the geometric equipment we construct line design geometry. For creating infra structure in practical geometric line designs is useful.In real life geometrical line design are useful in creating new ideas.

Classification of geometric line designs:

Line segment:

A line segment is a part of a line consisting of two end points on it.

Consider the line l. Mark two points A and B on the line l.The portion of the line l from A to B is called the line segment AB. It is denoted by AB or BA and it is read as line segment AB or line segment BA. The line segment AB and the line segment BA are the same and they are equal in measure.

Intersecting lines and Parallel lines - geometric line designs:

In the above figure, AB and EF are intersecting at E. So AB and EF are called intersecting lines.

Are there any other intersecting lines?Do AB and CD intersect?

No. They are not intersecting in above figure. These lines AB and CD are called parallel lines.

Therefore, parallel lines do not intersect at any point.

Thus, the non-intersecting lines are called parallel lines.

Railway tracks, opposite edges of blackboard etc. are few examples of parallel lines.

Concurrent lines - geometric line designs:

Mark a point P on a paper. Draw a line ‘l’ passing through the point P.Draw another line ‘m’ through the same point P. Continue this process.How many lines can be drawn through this point P?Many lines can be drawn through this point.All these lines passing through the same point P are called concurrent lines. The point P is called the point of concurrence.Thus three or more lines passing through the same point are called concurrent lines. The point is called the point of concurrence.