Math Guide

Geometry Terms

Geometry is one of the branch in mathematics which deals with practical problems. Itis mainly concentrated on two dimensional and three dimensional oriented. In this we can use the length, angles, measurements, proofs, problems related to proofs etc. In simply we can say it is a measure of earth. To get a solution for the geometry problems the arithmetic and algebra methods are used.



Pointis exercise to identify the precise place. Point has no length and width and height. We can recognize the point by a letter or a number. It is a dot that expressed in the paper. It is an object of zero dimensional.

Line: It is collection of point.

Line is a straight line that has no end.

Line segment:

Line segment is a straight line which has starting point and ending point.


A ray has a starting point and there is no ending point. There may be one or more  points on a line.


 Two rays form an angle with common endpoint.


Area is the number of square units which covers the closed figure.


A pair of numbers which represents the particular position on two dimensional coordinate plane.      


Some more Terms:


Polygonis a n sided plane figure. There are two types of polygon. They are regular and irregular polygon. In regular polygon all of its sides are equal in length and all its angles are equal to each other. The irregular polygon is opposite to regular polygon.


A cube has 8 vertices and 12 edges. It has six equal square shapes and all of the shapes meet at right angles.


Anobject with six rectangular sides and it has eight vertices and twelveedges. It has three pairs of rectangular faces and placed opposite to each other.


It has long straight sides and at the end it has equivalent circular shapes.


Radius is a line segment which is a distance between center point of a circle and any point on the circle.


Diameteris a line segment which passes through the center of a circle and the diameter joins two points which is on the circle.