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Hexagon shaped objects

A polygon with six ends and six vertices is defined as hexagon. A regular hexagon contains schlafli symbol. The internal angle of all hexagons is totally of degree 720 degrees.

Properties of Hexagon shaped objects:

The below three properties are important for hexagon. They are,

1. Amount of triangles used in hexagon

2. Amount of diagonal used in the hexagon

3. Total number of the internal angles used in the hexagon.

Hexagon shaped objects : Regular hexagon:

A regular hexagon contains all faces of similar length, and all interior angle are 1200. A regular hexagon contains 6 revolving symmetries and 6 reflection symmetries, making up the dihedral set D6. The highest diagonals of a regular hexagon, linking diametrically opposed vertices, are double the length of one face.

The below figure shows the regular hexagon object.


Properties of Regular Hexagon:

The below properties are important for regular hexagons. They are,

1. Internal angle for regular hexagon

2. External angle regular hexagon

3. Region for the regular hexagon

The formula used for find the area of a regular hexagon of side length t is given by,

Learning of Internal angle for regular hexagon:

        The internal angle used for a regular hexagon is 1200. The equation used for the internal angle is, `(180n-360)/(n)` , where the n- equal to 6. Because the hexagon consist of six sides.

Learning of External angle regular hexagon:

The external angle used for a regular hexagon is 600. The external angle provide a linear pair with the internal angle.

Learning Region for the regular hexagon:

The region used angle used for a regular hexagon is 2.598s2. where, s- length of the regular hexagon.

Hexagon shaped objects ; Cyclic hexagon:

Acyclic hexagon is any hexagon adorned in a circle. If the successive faces of the cyclic hexagon are a, b, c, d, e, f, then the three main diagonals intersect in one point if and only if ace="bdf.

Hexagon shaped object:

The below objects are some of the hexagon shaped object:

Hexagonal prism:

example                                                                                               (source: wikipedia)

Hexagonal antiprism:

example                                                                                               (source: wikipedia)

Hexagonal prism:


Concave hexagon:


A self-intersecting hexagon:


These are some of the hexagon shaped objects.