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Kinds of Line in Geometry

Line is a straight curve. Lines are used to represent direct objects. It has negligible width and height. It can be defined in many ways. Line can be infinite and straight. A line is a collection of continuous points I should be extended indefinitely in either of its direction. Line is entirely differ from Line segment.

Line segment is a part of a line. It should be bounded by two distinct end points and contains every point on the line between two end points. Line segment is defined as finite length of two end points. These line segments may have some of the same relationships as lines, such as being parallel, intersecting, or skew. [source : wikipedia]

Different kinds of line in geometry:

Three kinds of lines are available in Geometry

  • Parallel Line
  • Perpendicular Line
  • Intersect Line


1.      Parallel line in geometry:



  Parallel line mean nothing but If Two lines are both in the same plane, It should never intersect  one another that is  called parallel lines. Parallel lines  are remain the same distance apart at all times. Ia should be denoted the symbol of (//)

2.      Perpendicular line in geometry:



 Perpendicular line mean two lines it should  intersect and form right angles are called perpendicular lines. Perpendicular line is denoted by the symbol of (⊥ )


3.    Intersect line in geometry:



Intersect line mean If wo or more lines that meet at a point are called intersecting lines. Each line should be meet one central point. That point would be on each of these lines

Other kinds of line in geometry:

These three lines are major kinds of line in geometry. Lines are also classified as in different forms.

 Those are

 Vertical line:

  • Vertical lines that are at right angle  or perpendicular to a plane.

Horizontal line: 

  • Horizontal lines that is parallel to the horizon.

Angular line:                  

  • Angular lines that have sharp edges. They can be long or short.

Curve line:                        

  • Curve lines that are without angles.

Diagonal line:

  • Diagonal lines that suggest action or movement.

Jagged line:

  • Jagged lines that is harsh and unpleasant.